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Australia supplies its Antarctic station in winter for the first time

Sydney, Australia, Jun 7 (EFE).- Australia successfully completed the first aerial supply delivery to its Casey Antarctic station in winter, in the midst of darkness and 30 degrees Celsius below zero temperatures, official sources reported today.

The C-17A Globemaster III military aircraft, on a mission designed as a capacity test, sent 1,500 kilograms of medical supplies, mechanical equipments and mail on Saturday, according to a statement from the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD).

Matt Filipowski, future concepts manager for the AAD, said that until now access to the Australian Antarctic stations is limited to summer season between October and March.

Antártida-pinguinos-_th_86d085836c8204a4ef07c18efaea8ae1“During winter Antarctica is cloaked in darkness and experiences extreme temperatures, which means we can’t reach our stations by sea or air,” said Filipowski.

“But with the new capabilities of the RAAF C-17A we can now drop essential supplies and equipment year round,” he added.

The three padded containers were dropped from the C-17A with a parachute system.
With the mission’s success, logistics support for the three Australian Antarctic stations, Mawson, Davis, and Casey during winter is expected to improve. EFEfuturo

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